U.S. Cities Want To Totally End Traffic Deaths – But There Have Been A Few Speed Bumps

Fast Coexist – August 23, 2016

U.S. cities have eagerly embraced the Vision Zero plan for a safety-focused redesign of city streets. But reaching the final goal will require overcoming a host of issues, from NIMBYism and racial tensions to tight city budgets.

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FRA, AAR Warn Pokemon Go Maker About Gamers Near Railroads

Progressive Railroading – August 23, 2016

Federal Railroad Administrator Sarah Feinberg and Association of American Railroads (AAR) President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Hamberger have asked Niantic Labs Inc. to change its “Pokemon Go” game to discourage players from hunting virtual Pokemon characters near rail property.

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New Bike Law Gives Cyclists the Right of Way in Illinois

WTTW Chicago – August 19, 2016

House Bill 5912 amends the state’s vehicle code to assign the same right-of-way privileges to cyclists that car drivers have. In essence, it clarifies that bicycles are vehicles.

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Drive as if That Pedestrian is Your Child, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister or Friend

Star Tribune – August 18, 2016

We all need to stay alert and aware – whether we are in a vehicle or on foot – to save lives.

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A Distracted-Driving Ban in New Jersey? Some Say It Threatens a Way of Life

The New York Times – August 17, 2016

In New Jersey, where suburban sprawl has elevated cars from mere possessions to four-wheeled appendages, and driving from an activity to a near-perpetual state of being, things are slightly more complicated.

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California Researchers Keep Animals, People Safe on the Highway

ABC 7 News – August 11, 2016

Dead animals on the highway are a fact of life in California and many people think there is nothing that can be done about it. But now wildlife biologists and transportation engineers are realizing there is actually a lot that can be done.

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Little Progress in Railroad Adoption of Key Safety Technology

Claims Journal – August 18, 2016

Many commuter and freight railroads have made little progress installing safety technology designed to prevent deadly collisions and derailments despite a mandate from Congress, according to a government report released Wednesday.

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